Using this year’s sporting events to support sales targets

Sport is a universal language that everyone speaks and understands – it transcends geographies, age, gender and income. It’s something most people can engage in and be passionate about. After COVID it provides a powerful platform for vendors to interact with customers, engage partners, and attract prospects.

Over the course of the next couple of months we’ve the ultimate summertime sports calendar. A summer dominated by the FA Cup Final, UEFA Championship, Tour de France, The Open Championship Golf, Summer Olympics Paris, and the Vitality Blast T20 Series. In one week in July we’ve Wimbledon, the UEFA EURO 2024™, ending with the British Grand Prix, at Silverstone.  

Vendors are increasingly looking at ways of enabling participation in a way that feels additive and relevant, not an unnecessary distraction by interrupting the main event. In these moments,  experiences come into their own and add value.

Take a look at F1, not everyone can attend the British Grand Prix, it’s expensive, and let's face it you end up seeing more on the TV coverage! But we are seeing more Vendors and Partners creating an event experience. For example: using the F1 Arcade in London, it’s more affordable, you can run the event on practice day giving you all the benefits of piggy backing the main event whilst giving your attendees the luxury to not miss the actual weekend race. At 7Demand we’ve seen Vendors planning Partner Blitz Days, using the winning mentality to drive deal registrations, attendees competing for podium position, food trucks as a pit stop and prizes for F1 Merchandise or the ultimate gift experience from F1® Arcade, Race & Refuel.

As the UEFA EURO 2024™ kicks off we’ve seen an increase in events being planned around afternoon matches – roundtable sessions, and the opportunity to watch an afternoon match whilst networking and food. Add Partner enablement sessions – set up a football pitch to encourage participation and foster relationships, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

70% of hosts find invitations to Hospitality Areas in sporting events helpful for building business relationships.

Admittedly, invitations to sporting events are nothing new and have enjoyed great popularity for many years, but we are seeing an upturn, they are a continually tested measure for achieving sales targets.

73% of hosts said that invitations to Hospitality areas at sports events are helpful in developing new business relationships.

Hospitality offers an all-round profitable and extraordinary experience which aims to turn connections into relationships and sales targets to successes.

7Demand are experts in demand marketing.  We create and manage customer campaigns, and empower Partner Marketing teams to match the campaign sophistication of their customer marketing peers. If you’re looking to leverage events to support sales targets.